Mimico High School

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Submitted by William T. Woolmer
Larkin Butcher Shop
2323 Lakeshore Rd
Family Archives - K. Jones
Windsor House - 1905
Windsor House - 1905
You can see Windsor House (Now the Blue Goose) in the background of this photo. Taken from a photo that hangs in the Blue Goose Tavern.
Photo of The Windsor House - photo provided by Terry Chemij, current owner of the Blue Goose
The Blue Goose - 2004
Photo Credit George Mallen
The Blue Goose - 2004
Photo Credit George Mallen
The Rex Restaurant - 2004
Photo Credit George Mallen
Mimico Library - 2004
Photo Credit George Mallen

Lakeshore Landmarks
    Lakeshore Phychatric Grounds

    Motorcycle officers Stan Batt and Donald Pickell Lakeshore Blvd. - Mimico 1937

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    Humber - Lakeside Road - 1910
    ( photo credit - Hannah Augusta (Scott)Brown )

    The Principals of MHS from 1924 - 1988
    Mimico High School - 1929

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The word "Mimico" means "Home of the Wild Pigeon"

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Mimico High School was built to accommodate the growing Town of Mimico in the 1920's.
In September of 1921, students went to the Mimico Continuation School,
which used part of John English School for its students.

1923 saw the creation of the "High School Board", and the original 8 rooms of Mimico High School were built.
In September of 1924, Mimico's first Principal, E.H. Glenn and his team of 5 teachers began
the school year with 160 students.

Two additional staff members were added to the faculty in 1925

MHS Closed its doors in 1988

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MHS line drawing by Fred Collins.
(An MHS Teacher)
This was given out with the purchase of the last Peptimist in 1988
The Sunday Star,
May 22, 1988

The Principals of MHS from 1924 - 1988

Flt. Lt. David Hornell, V.C.


MHS began its history in part of the old John English building.
It seems only fitting that these hallowed halls are now being used to house the current
John English Public School.