Mimico High School

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Entry Number 8


I will never forget graduation day, June 1977, specifically, last period which was Mr. Lamey's math class.

It turns out Mr. Lamey had been at work as quite the prankster that year, but as it turned out the last laugh would ours as we conspired to give Mr. Lamey a graduation present he'd never forget. If you were amongst the fortunate 30 or 40 or so who got to witness this it was quite hilarious!

I guess most everyone knows where the smoking area was located at MHS. You'll recall the two doors along the side of the school where the football field was located had steps and most of those with 'the habit' and those who just wanted to hang out would often sit and gather there between classes, at lunch, or before and after school.

Well for several weeks in Spring that year, someone was getting their kicks out of dumping huge amounts of water out of garbage cans it seemed from out of the third story window onto unsuspecting students sitting below. If it hit you, you were quite the wet willy.

This dirty-deed doer was quite successful at remaining anonymous and no matter how hard anybody tried, nobody was ever able to see who it was or catch him.....until as fate would happen, his day finally came and could you believe it? It was MR. LAMEY!

Needless to say a lynch mob was forming as word spread and these acts required a cunning plan of action to vindicate those who had to carry on with their day in school as a wet noodle!

So, I won't reveal who the real mastermind was or won't implicate just who the parties involved were in this plan, but a plan of action was crafted and put into motion that was unanimously agreed upon.

Many wanted in, but this plan required the skilled hands of a few masters to pull it off. The plan was this. During last period, a student obtained permission to work in the back with the pretense of completing some project. Sinks were conveniently located there, which was why this plan was so successful and perfect! What he was really up to was filling water balloons. Mr. Lamey, was dutifully consumed with scribbling on his blackboard as always, something we had counted on for our plan to go successfully.

People sat strategically so as to be able to pass the balloons up to those in the first few rows. We anxiously awaited the 2 minute warning bell which was signal to alert all to have balloons in hand and be ready.

I should also tell you at this point that word had gotten around the school and students hid outside on the balcony some took front row seats in that adjoining room behind the blackboard where he kept all that science junk, and at the hall doors heads were peaking in and my heart beat frantically fearing Mr. Lamey would see them and our plan would be foiled and worse that we would be in deep, deep doo-doo.

But then just as the final bell rang, Mr. Lamey diligently continued writing on the blackboard (duh!), which was perfect for us as we let those balloons rip and explode all around Mr. Lamey, off the blackboard, some missing and crashing to the floor, and at the same time windows and doors exploded open with students rushing in to catch it all.

It was a spectacular site. I still remember it as it if it were yesterday. Mr. Lamey got bombarded. He turned to see the last balloon fly out of the hand of my desk partner, a guy I will refer to as "Nick" and next thing you see is Mr. Lamey (with a look of sheer madness on his face) making this mad dash for Nick, zeroing in on him as if he had been the one and only, both of them are slipping and falling all over the place as both are unable to reach or run from one another.

Poor Nick couldn't get away either, the class was just filled with people rooting and cheering! Finally Mr. Lamey caught him and wrestled him to the floor and ink was flying all over the room now from an inkwell he had picked up along the way. It was just too funny.

I pretty much bee-lined out of there at that point, with mixed feelings of terror and elation from having partaken of such a stunt and gotten away with it nice and neat! LOL Wish the same could have been true for poor Nick. He took the fall for everyone. There goes a true hero! LOL

I knew that although I would miss MHS very much, I was certainly very, very happy to have a reason not to have to return the following year. At least I didn't have to face the "wrath of Mr. Lamey" at any point in the future!!!!