Mimico High School

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Entry Number 7


I'd like to start off saying that all my time at MHS was memorable, and fully of quite a few events. But I guess it most likely was started at the beginning of my time spent there.
It was a few months into the school year, when my Geography teacher, Mr. V. asked if I'd be trying out for the soccer team. Due to some past experiences at the sport, I'd said I'd never play it again. But with consistent asking, including that of the other soccer coach, Mr. Ferguson, I was persuaded to try out. After all it was a school team, and meant being more a part of your school.
When the final roster was done, I had made it to the team, along with 4 other grade nines. Little did we know then, what we'd be in for. The starting line up for games, included all of us rookies. No other team probably had 5 newbies starting for them. What a year it was, we all gelled well together. It also made for great friendships off the playing field as well. We had 12 games to play, not including if we made it to the playoff rounds. I know I was very nervous playing in my first couple of games, but after awhile, it all felt natural. We ended the regular season with a standing of 12-0-2 (W-L-T). WOW! Mimico had never done so well, this gave us a bye in the playoffs, meaning we'd not play until the semi-finals. We won that and then had the toughest game of the season for us in the finals. It was a very hard played game, that felt like it was going on forever..... well it actually sort of did. We were tied at the end of regular play, then no goals happened during 2 overtimes. This meant sudden death penalty shots. (now I for one hate for a winner to be chosen this way in any sport). After 2 rounds of 5 shooters we were still tied. Now it was down to 1 shooter for each team, until one side scored.
We managed to score with our 2nd shooter and WON! We were now on our way to OFSSA, the Provincial Finals!!
We knew the competition would be tough. Was it ever, we didn't win any games, but we didn't lose either. We tied all 3 of our games and didn't make it any farther, but we did extend our undefeated streak!
Talking to other players from other schools, they could never believe that we made it that far, considering the enrolment numbers of our school. You see that year we made it was June 1985 and the school had somewhere around 500 students. Every year after that, it just got smaller and smaller seeing as to how MHS was closing. I think in the final year we had around 200 students.
Yet from 1985 - 1988 MHS was represented continuously at the Girls OFSSA Provincial Championships! In 1986 MHS was the 4th Best Girls Team in the Province!!
I think that was what helped make the years at MHS so special for me, and I often find myself thinking back to it. We were just a small group of people, yet we pulled together to accomplish so much. Mainly just through determination and hard work. I try to use those memories into things I do today.

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