Mimico High School

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Entry Number 5


This happened to me either in grade 10 or 11. Don't know if I just forgot, or if I've almost managed to block it from memory!! Either way, this falls into the 'Most Embarrassing' category.
We were in Science class, remember the desks with the little sink and the stools you sat on? Brian Neville was sitting beside me, and Mark Recchia was directly behind me. Mr. Lamey was teaching.
Mark leans over the front of his desk and gives me a wedgie. However, he did it with all the strength he had. Literally lifted me off my seat!! And there was a LOUD ripping sound..... he tore the elastic band away from my underwear, from hip to hip!! The entire class, Mr. Lamey included, roared with laughter. I excused myself and walked kinda funny to the boys room. Word spread fast in those halls, and the rest of the day was spent fighting off people who wanted to try and remove the elastic completely!!