Mimico High School

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Entry Number 4

For my highschool graduation present my parents took me to England for a month. As crazy as it sounds it was cheaper for the four of us to travel around England for a full month than go to Montreal for the 1976 Summer Olympics (given everything we wanted to see there. But I digress here a bit Bill Henderson had taught me so much over my highschool years about not only photography but audio visual work in general that I wanted to bring him back a token "thank you" souviner. So I got him the most appropriate friendship gift I could think of a miniature 35 mm camera on a key ring that had the token "girlie" shots inside that you could see when you held it up to the light like a viewmaster. Anyway when we got back to Canada I went over to the school timing my arrival to when I knew he would be having his morning tea with Bill Sims and the other janitoral staff. So I did the "rambo" routine of almost swinging the door off it's hindges to throw it open. Bill looks up at me and says (& this is a quote BTW) "Oh Jeasus Christ what the hell are you doing here?" so I came back with "I'm here to see you what the hell do you think" with equal intessity. So we went over to his office for a private visit I gave him his camera that he got a good laugh out of and after a while I went on my way. That was 28 years ago this coming August & to this day I still don't know if the man is with us or not. It was a great time learning from him.