Mimico High School

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Entry Number 2

I had Mary Crowe as my art teacher for all the time I was at MHS and one year there was an exhibit of Chinese art down at the ROM She had set up a field trip for my class to go down to view it and we had to submit a1500 word report on our impressions of what we saw. Well everyone took sheets & sheets of the infamous fullscap (sp?) paper with them and were madly making notes. I on the other hand had a full size (minis didn't exist back then) hand held cassette recorder & I dictated my notes
into that. I subsequently handed the tape in. Mary told me that she wanted a 1500 word report when she saw the tape. My answer was to say that "I know how to talk & I can guarantee there are more than 1500 word there"

I guess she thought I was being a smart ass or something because the next thing I know she's hauling me down to Carl Yakimoff's office. She tells her side of the story and he looks at me and asks me for my side. I remember this like it was yesterday I looked at him & told him "poker faced" that I was perfectly willing to transcribe it over IF he could show me where it states that it must be in a WRITTEN FORMAT. He looked at the assignment sheet again and said "He's got you Mary you have to accept the tape"

Man was she ever pissed & so was the rest of the class especially when I said that it wasn't my fault that they didn't read the assignment sheet correctly & I did

You can be darn sure she specified "written format" on all other assignments from that day forward. Now here's the topper I figured a stunt like that I could get away with once in my school life & that would be it. Believe it or not not only did I get away with the same stunt with a different teacher but it was in the same school year to boot!!!!!

Go figure on that one