Mimico High School

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Entry Number 1


This took place while I was in grade 9 (1965) in Arch Haslett's science home room. My friend Janice Cross and I were sitting on a couple of high stools talking to Mr. Haslett about something (can't recall what it was). I had perched my feet on the highest rung of the stool when........PING!!, my nylon stocking garter snapped like an elastic band and made such a noise, (they were metal back then) it was ortifying...........I wanted to crawl into a hole and die!!! Once Mr. Haslett realized what the noise was all about he tried to pretend he didn't hear it and my friend Janice cracked up with laughter. One of those moments!!!
Secondly, I was voted by my peers to become the next Miss United Appeal while in grade 9. I was standing on the stage with my bouquet of roses in hand when one of my classmates yelled out "I voted for you twice"..............yet another mortifying moment! I think you had to be there to appreciate how I felt.