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Anne Of Green Gables

Anne Shirley
Noreen Clement
Gilbert Blythe
Michael Williams
Marilla Cuthbert
Joan Apap
Matthew Cuthbert
Hanno Niidas
Mrs Lynde
Edythe Bickmore
Miss Stacy, The Schoolmistress
Yvette Chroust
Diana Berry
Joan MacIntyre
Prissy Andrews
Kim Harrison
Mrs. Barry
Tammy Optoff
Cecl, the farmer
Ken Montgomery
Moody McPherson
Tim Williams
Mrs Pye
Bonnie Thibedeau

Other Cast
Mariella Calabrese
Roseanne Desmaris
Abby O'Brien

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Getting ready
make up artist - Teresa Donnetti
"tea party"
Anne and Diana
Marilla and ?
Anne Shirley
Anne and Mrs Lynde
On Stage
Miss Stacy
Anne and Matthew
Ken Montgomery
Back Stage
Marilla and Rachael Lynde
Curtain Call
Miss Stacy and students
Curtain Call
Anne and Gilbert
The Cast and Crew

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